Advantage 42

The Advantage yachts are real cruisers with excellent sailing characteristics. With the efficient construction method, there is plenty of living comfort.

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The multi-chine hull design provides excellent sailing characteristics. This ship has a CE category C.

The Advantage has an integrated rear seat and mirror stairs. The windows in the superstructure give it a sturdy look and offer extra rigidity to the superstructure

The space available allows you to play with the layout and interiors. You can choose between 2-4 cabins, your kitchen with dinette or kitchen in the lounge and much more.

Advantage 42


Length a.o. : 12.80m

Width: 4.20m

Draft: 1.10m

Weight: 14.000kg

Waterline length: 11.60m

Clearance height: 2.75m

Headroom: 2.05m

Fuel tank: 500L

Water tank: 500L

Dirty water: 250L

Motor: Iveco 100 pk 4 cil.

Propellor: 4 blad

Bow thruster: 95kg

Steel: 5 en 4mm

Paint system: 2 comp. AwiGrip

Isolation: Foam

Length a.o.




Waterline length

Clearance height


Fuel tank

12.80 m

4.20 m

1.10 m

14.000 kg

11.60 m

2.75 m

2.05 m

500 L

Water tank

Dirty water



Bow thruster


Paint system


500 L

250 L

Iveco 100 pk 4 cil.

4 blad

95 kg

5 en 4 mm

2 comp. AwlGrip


More information?

Are you interested in De Drait Advantage 42? Please feel free to contact us. After purchase, it is possible to offer the boat for rent with us via the so-called Buy & Charter concept. Click here for more information.ur aan te bieden via het zogeheten Buy & Charter concept. Klik hier voor meer informatie.