Norska 25

Norska 25


This steel sloop was built at Kapa in Terkaple. The design is by Martin Bekebrede from Workum and derived from the Danish Rose. The sloop has distinctive curves, such as the round transom pinched bow beam.

The Norska is characterized by its sturdy appearance with excellent sailing characteristics. This sloop has been beautifully finished by the craftsmen of Kapa.

The sloop has had a permanent berth in one of the ship houses of Jachthaven De Drait for years. As a result, the sloop needed little maintenance. By repainting the boat, it will sail even more gracefully on, for example, the Frisian waters.

Specifications Norska 25 FT

Type: Norska 25 FT
Dimensions: 7.50 x 2.70 x 0.60 meters
Engine: Vetus 33 hp 4 cylinder
Year of construction: 1998
Steel beams with stainless steel U-profile

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