Drait Renal 40

€ 99.000,-

Looking for a well serviced motor yacht for the current boating season? The Renal 40, named “Morphus”, is certainly the perfect family-yacht loaded with extras.

The Renal 40 is built in De Drait’s own wharf in Drachten. It’s design features a robust articulated frame, with on one hand loads of living space and on the other excellent sailing properties. The broad inner hall is finished with double stainless steel railings en the spacious hind deck offers seats albeit up to 10 people. The Renal 40 comes equipped with a heavy 10mm solid steel keel for ballast. It’s hull exists out of 5mm thick steel, complemented with a 4mm steel top. Through the many windows and available hatches, this boats has besides a modern design also a lot of incidence of light. The boat is in a well-services state, because it has been taken out of the water every winter. The tent is lengthened and completely closes of the hind deck, making for a comfortable living space.

Renal 40 specifications

Dimensions: 12.00 x 3.95 x 1.05 m.
Type: Renal 40
Year of construction: 1997
Engine: Iveco 6 cil 120 pk
Bow thruster
Elektric anchor winch
Webasto hot air heating
Depth meter
Boiler for hot water(40 litres)
6 batteries
Granulate/epoxy top padding
Hot airflow over windscreen
Battery charger/inverter
Shore power socket
Double seaweed filters
Teak interior


Front space contains double bed, electric toilet with sink. Kitchen with 4-burner stove, compressor fridge and dinette. The salon features a circular table and storage space. In the back is a separate shower and a seperate toilet compartment. It offers also two cabins, with on one side a double bed. Additionally a second cabin with a bunk bed and a separate sink. Although, the perfect yacht for a family.