Yacht brokerage Friesland – the Netherlands

Looking for another motor or sailing boat? At Yacht brokerage De Drait in Friesland you will find both used sailing and motor boats. You find a wide range of different boats in various price ranges. The offer consists of second hand boats (used boats) direct from the owner or out of our charter fleet.  We provide you with a clearly advice, which fits your wishes. Good service and quality dilevery is our priority. We have Lees verder

Boat rental Friesland and Brandenburg-Berlin

Boat rental Friesland and Brandenburg: Would you like to rent a boat in Friesland or Brandenburg – Berlin? Yachtcharter De Drait offers enough options to satisfy your needs for a boat. In Drachten De Drait has her own marina. Leaving the harbour brings you towards the Frisian lakes, along with its well-known water sports places like Grou, Sneek, Lemmer and Stavoren. Along the way you’ll find rest, tranquillity, and beautiful scenery. In Brandenburg an der Lees verder

Harbour Friesland/Netherlands

The in Friesland located harbour Marina De Drait (in Dutch: Jachthaven De Drait) owns over 500 berths in Drachten. Marina De Drait is located close to the highway A7 and offers a direct connection between Drachten and the Frisian lake district. In a couple of minutes, you can drive from the highway A7 to the marina, where you can make use of all the services the marina offers. Marina De Drait has an own water Lees verder